I came into your office, desperate for help with my partner. My experience so far and the coaching and continual support from you in just a short amount of time has allowed me to look inwardly at the steps I need to take to have a healthy relationship not only with my partner but with myself. These guided exersizes and homework have been a sort of self awakening. It's still hard work, but I have gained a special trust with Mel and am thankful for the coaching she gives. It continues to change my life . 


"Working with Mel has taught me a completely new and successful way to handle my relationships with other people. Before these coaching sessions, I felt so out of control in the way that other people made me feel. Some one at work would say something off-keel to me and I would spiral into an anxious state. I had so many days where I felt like I couldn't leave my house because interacting with other people felt too upsetting. Fights with my girlfriend were spiraling out of control. I had absolutely no control over my emotions or reactions to other people. Now I'm learning how to stay in my own space. How to keep the power I have to choose how I want to feel. To set boundaries with others so that I can stay in control of my feelings. I've learned so much about what I do to stop myself from being happy. It's been really hard to get to this place but today I feel more in control of and aware of the way I make myself feel when I choose to perceive the world in a truthful and positive way. My girlfriend and I are in a much more stable place now (relatively) and we have gotten so much better and working through difficult conversations with out either of us losing our cool. It's been a journey. "


"I have no words to express how grateful I am for coaching. It has saved our marriage but more so taught us how to love ourselves and each other. It has strengthened our communication skills allowing us to understand each other better. We practice gratitude in so many facets of our lives which in turn has made us happier! It’s a beautiful thing that Melissa is helping us create within our marriage and as individuals! "

Jerry M.

"Melissa helped me in so many ways to achieve my potential. She helped me to keep things "real". Her honesty, compassion, and professionalism is unmatched.

Rucel K.

 I have have had the most life direction help from Melissa Bertoch. She has has not only gave me the assistance and positive building clay to allow me to experience life without self destructive past behaviors. From creating boundaries with myself and others as well as her kind compassion, generous heart, a shoulder to cry on l, an ear to listen and words of wisdom only one whose own life lessons allow her to see different views on life. Her parenting skills, knowledge and amazing approach on sensitive topics with the added passion she has for humanity is speechless. She is my motivation to help humans be humane to one another. Melissa Bertoch is by far the best human being I have encountered/witnessed in life. 


"Melissa's feedback on my interviewing skills made it possible for me to reach my goal. With her understanding, she helped to bring me to my dream."

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